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6 reasons why women are ditching the pills and choosing Maia

Maia combines heat with dynamic massage therapy to soothe period cramps instantly.

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Soothes cramps instantly ⚡️

Maia uses dynamic heat and massage therapy to soothe your period cramps instantly. This means instead of suffering through pain from cramps, your time of the month can be pain-free at the touch of a button.


Maia is (really) easy to use 💫

Maia makes pain-free periods 100% hassle-free. The comfortable device can be worn on your belly or lower back and with 3 easy-to-use settings it relaxes and soothes. No need for any setup, adjust to the setting you need and let Maia do all the work.


100% natural and drug-free 🌱

When it comes to your time of the month, you’ve been taught to mask your pain and cramps with pills and drugs that have harmful side-effects. Maia is the complete opposite, using only heat and massage therapy to deliver the ultimate soothing affect and stopping period cramps at the source, rather than just masking over them.


Adjustable & comfortable 😌

Maia will fit any size or shape with its adjustable and comfortable, stretchy and durable waistband. She’s also slim and lightweight so you won’t feel the added weight of her when you need her soothing relief.


Lets you get on with your day 👩‍💻

No more having to pause school, work & life as a whole when your time of the month is in full swing. You can live life blissfully and stick to your plans without having to compromise.


Slim, lightweight & portable 💕

Maia’s slim and lightweight design makes her the perfect portable period pain-busting device. She’ll fit perfectly under an oversized hoodie or jumper, and she’s cordless - so you can take her anywhere!

30d Moneyback Guarantee | Free 30d Returns

Maia is your ticket to

Cozy Periods.

Maia for periods




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Throw out those nasty pills and and soothe your period cramps instantly with Maia.

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30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

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100% Natural & Topical

Soothes Cramps Instantly

124.000+ Happy Customers

Free Worldwide Shipping & Returns

Over 124.000+ Happy Customers

My girl absolutely loved it!!! Helped with her cramp’s immediately ❤️

Byron M.

My wife has had very painful periods for a long time. Has been very helpful and it is working well for her. Husbands, listen!


My daughter's love it! They both have bad cramps. When it arrived, she opened it and charged it. When she wore it, LOVES IT! Best investment I made for my daughters.

Vincent M.


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