Love Your Girlfriend? Why This Gift is the Ultimate Gesture of Affection

If your girlfriend gets really bad period cramps, and you’ve wondered how you can help, keep reading because what you’ll learn will change her life forever (and yours too...)

1. Maia relieves period cramps instantly —and naturally.

That time of the month can be very hard on your girlfriend. It feels like someone's squeezing her insides and twisting them around in knots. 

But by surprising her with Maia you can give her the gift of instant, natural relief. It uses heat and massage therapy to relieve period cramps by reducing inflammation and releasing endorphins —the body's natural painkillers.

2. Which means no more mood swings.

It's not really her fault she's moody during her period. Her hormones are all over the place + her cramps are just too intense. Thankfully, Maia's technology not only relieves pain but it feels very therapeutic —like someone's giving you a warm, belly rub. This helps calm her down and that's a win-win for the both of you ;)

3. And no more pills.

If her current period routine involves a lot of pain medication, she's doing it all wrong. It's merely a temporarily patch to mask the underlying problem. And the nasty side-effects that come with them mean they do more harm then good. Maia is an all-natural solution and it addresses the root cause of the pain for long-lasting relief.

4. Plus, she can use it all day.

If her period cramps make her call in sick, cancel plans, or just rob her of the joys of life. She's going to love Maia. Because it's so portable and battery-powered, she can take it with her anywhere and get relief whenever she needs it.

5. And it shows her how much you care.

There's nothing girls love more than a man who can take care of them. Buy her Maia and she'll be reminded of you and this sweet gesture every time she uses it (every single month!).

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